Hiring Peapod Leader Walker and Bridgeport

First 5 Mono is hiring Peapod Leaders for our Walker and Bridgeport area playgroups!

First 5 Mono has two separate positions: the Walker area playgroup leader and playgroup leader for the Bridgeport area.

The Peapod Program’s focus is the development of playgroups for Mono County parents to enhance the health, social, & emotional development of children ages 0-5 and support the mental health and stability of young parents.  The program also provides a safe and secure setting for parents to discuss mental health issues and issues facing new parents to increase the knowledge and confidence of new parents and provides a forum to encourage new parents to gain a stronger tie to their community.

Please follow the link below to apply on edjoin.org. The positions are open until filled, bilingual preferred.
Peapod Leader


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