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Breast milk is the healthiest food you can give your baby. It also reduces the risk of childhood obesity. These resources and organizations can help:


  • Mono County Public Health:  437 Old Mammoth Road, Von’s Shopping Center, 760.924.1830
  • Mono County WIC Program: 437 Old Mammoth Road, Von’s Shopping Center, 760.924.4610
  • Mammoth Hospital Labor & Delivery:  85 Sierra Park Road, Open 24 hrs/day, 760.924.4019
  • First 5 Mono County Office, Mammoth Lakes:  365 Sierra Park Road, Building M, on High School campus, 760.924.7626
  • Mono County Public Libraries: Mammoth Lakes 760.934.4777, June Lake 760.648.7284, Crowley 760.935.4505
  • Giovanni’s Restaurant: 437 Old Mammoth Road, Von’s Shopping Center, 760.934.7563
  • Gomez’s Restaurant: 100 Canyon Blvd, near the Village Gondola, 760.924.2693
  • The Looney Bean Coffee: 26 Old Mammoth Road, 760.934.1345
  • Riffel Real Estate: 3613 Main Street, 760.934.4907
  • State Farm Insurance: 437 Old Mammoth Rd, Von’s Shopping Center, 760.934.7575
  • Stellar Brew Coffee & Deli: 3280 Main Street, 760.924.3559


  • Tioga Mobile Mart: 22 Vista Point (off Hwy 395), 760.647.6470
  • Mono County Public Library: Lee Vining 760.647.6123


  • Mono County Health Department: 221 Twin Lakes Road, Open 8-12 and 1-5 M-F, 760.932.5580
  • 1881 Coffee Café: 362 Main Street, 760.932.1918
  • Mono County Public Library: Bridgeport, 760.932.7482

A free, personalized home visiting program for all Mono County babies, prenatal through 12 months, and their families.

This program provides a network of support, breastfeeding education, developmental screenings, a Kit for New Parents, and ideas you can use during the first days and months of your child’s life.

Welcome Baby! Home Visitors are Certificated Lactation Educator-Counselors (CLEC)—they are ready to support you and your baby.

Or, call First 5 Mono or a Home Visitor:

  • First 5 Mono  760.924.7626
  • Annaliesa Calhoun, BA, CLEC 760.937.6238
  • Debbie Riffel, CLEC  760.914.1431
  • Elvira Felix de Cecena, CLEC (bilingual) 760.914.3995
  • Lara Walker, BA, CLEC  (bilingual) 760.914.2556

Mono Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)

WIC clients (income eligible) may receive breastfeeding support from a Certified Lactation Educator in various Mono County communities.  Call the WIC office in Mammoth for an appointment: 760.924.4610

Inyo WIC Program

All women may call the breastfeeding support line to speak with a Certified Lactation Educator 8‐12 and 1‐5 M‐F, 760.872.0964

WIC clients (income eligible) may receive breastfeeding support from an onsite Certified Lactation Educator in various Inyo County communities. Call the WIC office in Bishop for an appointment: 760.872.1885

Toiyabe Indian Health Center WIC Program, Bishop Clinic

All women may call to speak with a Lactation Consultant from 8‐12 and 1‐5 M‐F. Please call with any questions or concerns. Contact: 760.872.3707

Mammoth Hospital

Mammoth Hospital has Certified Lactation Educator-Counselors (CLEC) that can assist new mothers and babies with breastfeeding. For assistance or more information, please call Mammoth Hospital Labor and Delivery at 760.924-4019

Carson‐Tahoe Regional Healthcare

Women who have delivered at Carson-Tahoe Hospital may call the Labor and Delivery Unit or the hotline to speak with a Lactation Consultant. If you call the hotline, leave a message with your phone number, and a Lactation Consultant will return your call. Carson Tahoe Health also offers lactation classes led by a Lactation Specialist.
775.445‐5103 (Women & Children’s Center)
775.445‐8100 (Nurse Hotline)

Barton Memorial Hospital and Clinics

Lactation Consultants are available for questions by phone for women who have delivered at Barton Memorial Hospital. All women may schedule an appointment with a Lactation Consultant. Call for breastfeeding support or to schedule an appointment.
530.543‐5547 (Family Birthing Center)

Medical & Clinical Support

You may call your Medical Provider, Pediatrician, or Labor & Delivery Unit for questions related to breastfeeding and breast health.

Air-Way Medical Supply

Electric breast pumps are available to rent for $50/month (plus $20 refundable deposit) for as long as needed. The attachment kit can be purchased for $49.99.

Edgepark Medical Supplies

Electric and hand breast pumps available to order online with Doctor’s prescription, shipped to your house, (variation on co-pays and model availability, depending on your health insurance carrier and plan).
(888) 394-5375


From breast pumps to maternity compression and postpartum recovery, discover the motherhood essentials covered by your insurance.

  • “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes breastfeeding more accessible and affordable for millions of American women. The law requires that all new health plans must provide certain preventive services without any cost-sharing, including coverage for breastfeeding support and supplies.”
  • If you have insurance through the ACA Marketplace: All new private plans are required to cover breastfeeding support and supplies.
  • If you have insurance through Medi-Cal (CA State Medicaid): Plans under Expanded Medi-Cal (MAGI) are required to cover breastfeeding support and supplies.

Toolkit for Breastfeeding Moms

Virtual Breastfeeding
All mothers can receive personalized breastfeeding help on the computer via SKYPE by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). Online consultation services cost $45/45 min. Phone or email consultations cost $20/20 minutes. Low‐income women who cannot afford these costs can receive these services at a subsidized rate. Also, you may sign up for a drawing of a free consultation each month.

La Leche League International
La Leche League International is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization that organizes advocacy, educational, and training related to breastfeeding. It is present in about 89 countries.

KellyMom: Evidence-Based Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Locations at Airports

CA Deptartment of Public Health – Breastfeeding Toolkit 2023

Source:  Mono County Breastfeeding Taskforce, updated 6.2017

Tobacco & Smoking Cessation

Give a voice to the back seat: Don’t Smoke in Cars with Kids!

Research shows that when someone is smoking in a car, the air quality decreases substantially. Secondhand smoke levels in motor vehicles can be up to 27 times greater than in a smoker’s home! Learn how bad smoking in a car really is.

Smoking is banned in all vehicles, moving or parked, when youth are present.

Smokers can be fined up to $100 for smoking in vehicles when a child under the age of 18 is present. Follow the law – don’t smoke in cars with kids, cigarettes or e-cigarettes!

  • Children are especially susceptible to secondhand smoke.  Components of secondhand smoke can settle or be absorbed into carpets, walls, and furnishings, and can be re-emitted weeks or even months later.
  • Children who breathe secondhand smoke on a regular basis are at a higher risk for middle ear infections.
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke can cause asthma in children who have never previously shown any symptoms.
  • Babies and children younger than age 6 who are exposed to secondhand smoke regularly are more likely to get respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Susceptible populations, especially young children may absorb nicotine by inhalation, ingestion or skin contact.  [Cancer Epidemiology and Biomarkers Prevention December 2009]
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to become smokers themselves.

If you smoke while pregnant, your baby smokes too – and the effects are harmful. Smoking robs your baby of oxygen. Poisons pass through the placenta.  Smoking, or being exposed to secondhand smoke, while pregnant can increase the chances of a miscarriage or having a baby with low birth-weight.

Mono County Public Health Tobacco Education Program, 760-924-1830
Call 800-NO BUTTS for free counseling, visit their website, or download the app.
Tobacco Free California
Tobacco Free Kids
American Lung Association of California

Don't Smoke Bear

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