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Mono County Public Health reports on Hantavirus season…

Mono-Gram, April 19: It’s That Time of Year – Be Hantavirus Aware
As the weather warms (finally) and people turn to spring-cleaning and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, they need to be aware of a rare but deadly virus that is spread through mouse droppings and kills up to 40 percent of people who become infected. The severe respiratory illness is known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Most cases are spread by deer mice, which live in woodland areas and deserts and are found throughout North America. People get the disease by breathing in hantavirus when dust from dried rodent urine, saliva and droppings is stirred up in the air, especially while cleaning houses, garages and cabins. Hantavirus is not spread from human to human and there is no specific cure or vaccine for the infection. But if recognized early, and individuals receive medical attention in an intensive care unit, they may have a better chance of recovery.

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