PublicHealth ZikaVirus Recommendation

Zika Virus Mono-Gram

Advice from Mono County Public Health regarding the Zika Virus and traveling, specifically to areas in South Florida. Information for pregnant women, their partners, and those considering pregnancy.

“The Florida Department of Health has identified two areas of Miami-Dade County where Zika is being spread by mosquitoes. In addition to the previously identified area in the Wynwood neighborhood, there is now mosquito-borne spread of Zika virus in a section of Miami Beach.

This guidance is for people who live in or traveled to the identified area of Miami Beach any time after July 14. This guidance also still applies for those who live in or traveled to the previously identified Wynwood area any time after June 15. These timeframes are based on the earliest time symptoms can start and the maximum 2-week incubation period for Zika virus.”

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